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Obituary of Tsun Yih Huang

Tsun-Yih Huang(黃存義), 100, of Franklin Park (South Brunswick), New Jersey was taken to Glory on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at home in Franklin Park.


Tsun-Yih was born in 1920 in Tài County of Jiāngsū Province (江蘇省泰縣), China. He finished his college education of Mechanical Engineering in 1945 at “Jiang-Su College (江蘇 學院)”. After his graduation, he taught math in Jiāxìng City of Zhèjiāng Province (浙江省嘉興)for several years.


He went to Taiwan in 1949 where he met his wife Ling-Chi Hu (胡玲琦)in Taipei and was a professor in Taipei Institute of Technology (台北工專). In 1966, he moved to Montreal, Canada. The following year, he came to the United States to complete his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at NJIT (formerly known as Newark College of Engineering, in Newark, NJ). He was employed by the City Of New York as a Mechanical Engineer for 25 years, until his retirement in 1995.


Tsun-Yih was a member of Rutgers Community Christian Church (若歌教會), since its founding in 1978 until his passing, where he made many friends in the past 43 years. In the Lord's church, he had done a good service for decades and had glorified the Name of God.


He was always there for his family, and he attended to his wife's every need during the 8 years that she was ill, staying by her side until her passing in 2004. In the following years, he made pilgrimages to Israel twice, and returned to China in 2006 to visit his many relatives and to travel the country. This was the first time he went back since he bid farewell to his homeland in 1949.


In his younger years, photography was his favorite hobby. Through the camera's lens, he was able to record the good times of family members and tidbits of his children growing up, leaving many fond memories to his friends and future generations. His long-time hobby had been reading and writing, playing Jumble and his Chinese Calligraphy was exemplary. He was handy in fixing what's broken around the house.


After retirement, he enjoyed spending his free time at South Brunswick Senior Center. He went three times a week to participate in various aerobic exercises, playing table tennis and pool, to keep himself fit and occupied.


He lost his mother at the tender age of three yet grew up to be an independent gentleman. In the later stages of the illness, he fought hard and bravely, and his unyielding spirit supported him until the end. He not only was a kind father but also an ultimate fighter throughout his life! He had a mild temperament and a good sense of humor, both were keys to his longevity.


Predeceased by his wife Ling-Chi Huang (黃胡玲琦), he is survived by two daughters (Catherine C. Huang 黃哲文and Helen C. Huang 黃哲明), two sons (John R. 黃睿and George C. 黃智), two daughters-in-law (Bin Bin 仲彬彬and Lorain), four grandchildren (Kristen, Joshua, Sarah, and Christian), as well as many other close relatives in China.


A Visitation and Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021 from 9:00-11:00 AM at M.J. Murphy Funeral Home, 616 Ridge Road in Monmouth Junction. Burial will follow in Franklin Memorial Park, North Brunswick on Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 12:00 pm.


黃存義(Tsun-Yih Huang)伯伯於2021 年2 月4 日(星期四,陰曆庚子年12 月23 日)在紐澤西州富蘭克林 公園(South Brunswick)家中,於子女環侍之下病逝。黃伯伯今天卸下人世的重擔,安息主懷,享嵩壽一百零一 歲。


黃存義伯伯於1920 年出生於中國江蘇省泰縣。他於1945 年在「江蘇學院」完成機械工程的大學教育。畢業後,在浙 江省嘉興市教了幾年數學。


1949 年,黃伯伯去到了台灣,在台北認識了他的妻子胡玲琦,並於「台北工專」任教。1966 年,移居加拿大蒙特利 爾。次年,來到美國,在NJIT(前稱為「紐瓦克工程學院」)獲得機械工程碩士學位。 畢業後在紐約市政府工作了廿五年,直到1995 年退休。


黃伯伯一直是紐澤西州「若歌教會(RCCC)」的成員,直到他逝世的那一天為止,在過去的四十三年中他結交了許 多好朋友。 在主的大家庭裡他做了幾十年的美好服事,並榮耀了上帝的名!上帝的天使們必定與他在天堂與主同樂。


在黃伯母生病的八年中,黃伯伯一直守在她的身邊,不離不棄,直到2004 年黃伯母去世。 在隨後的幾年中,他兩次前往以色列朝聖,並於2006 年回到中國探親兼旅遊,這是自1949 年告別家 以鄉 以 來,黃伯伯首次踏上他出生的故土。


黃伯伯年輕的時候,攝影是他的最愛,透過相機鏡頭,得以記錄家庭成員的美好時光及孩子們成長過程中的點點滴 滴,替他的朋友們及後代留下了許多美好的回憶。 他的嗜好是讀書寫字和填寫Jumble 之類的遊戲,他的中文及英文寫得有如「行雲流水」,堪稱典範。他也喜歡修復家 中日常損壞的小東西,然後覺得很有成就感!


在退休後,他每週三次,風雨無阻的去South Brunswick 的老人中心報到,並參加各種有氧運動,打 球 乒 乓 球 及撞球等,以此度過悠閒的餘年。 黃伯伯在三歲的稚齡失去了母親,卻成長為一位非常獨立的紳士。 面對晚年的疾病,他奮力拼搏,不服輸的精神,支撐他直到最後。黃伯伯生命力頑強,不到最後關頭,絕不輕言放 棄!


他不但是一位慈祥的父親,也是一位偉大的戰士!他性情溫和、具有豐富的幽默感,則是他長壽的關鍵秘訣。 黃伯伯有兩個女兒(哲文、哲明),兩個兒子(黃睿、黃智)及他們的媳婦(仲彬彬、Lorain)和四個孫子女 (Kristen, Joshua, Sarah, and Christian)。在中國大陸還有眾多親戚,族繁不及備載。


黃伯伯的追思禮拜訂於2021 年2 月13 日(星期六,陰曆辛丑年正月初二)上午9:00 瞻仰遺容,9:30 開始禮拜 至11:00 結束,於M.J. Murphy Funeral Home, 616 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction 舉行。 葬禮將於同日中午12:00 在Franklin Memorial Park, North Brunswick 舉行。

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