Gerald Lancelot Moore

Gerald Lancelot Moore was born in New York City on  July 31, 1933 to Frederick Stafford Moore and Hilda Parker Moore.  He resided with his multi-generational, West Indian family in their brownstone on Hamilton Terrace in Harlem’s Sugar Hill.


A star athlete in both basketball and track and field, Gerald attended George Washington High School. Graduating from high school during the Korean War, Gerald enlisted in the Air Force where he served proudly in the Medical Service Corps as a preventive medicine specialist-sanitary and industrial hygiene engineer. Gerald attended the University of Denver, City College of NY, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Gerald earned his Ph.D. in Sociology, with a specialization in Organizational Behavior, from the Graduate School and University Center (CUNY).


Gerald  spoke German, was charming, funny, a sharp dresser and a man of many talents.  A life-long supporter of the arts, Gerald enjoyed introducing his children to museums, theater and opera. He had many interests and a love of music, especially jazz. Growing up in New York, in a neighborhood with many prominent jazz musicians, the music, the culture and the history ran through his blood. He frequented jazz clubs across the City, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center to listen to the music he loved most played live.


Gerald swam like a fish and enjoyed the outdoors as much as he enjoyed his city, especially the beach and camping with his family. An avid sports fan, Gerald followed his hometown favorites and added new teams to his roster over the years.


Gerald began his career working to improve job opportunities for African Americans in business and industry.  His involvement in the National Urban League and many anti-poverty programs led to the recruitment, training and placements of minorities in the corporate world, many of whom were the first Black employees in skilled and craft positions as well as the first Black management-level employees in their companies. Later, Gerald served as a human resources consultant in training and management development for many corporate and nonprofit organizations using techniques such as communication workshops, sensitivity training, leadership roles and other innovative approaches to improving communication, management style and effectiveness in organizations.  He worked as a clinical sociologist who used learned knowledge and applied it to practical situations. He also held human resources management positions at Con Edison of New York and American Express. 


Upon retiring from corporate America, Gerald moved into the academic world as a professor of sociology and management. He was a dynamic and innovative figure in the classroom, and a wonderful mentor who always tried to inspire and encourage his students to get a good education.


Gerald Lancelot Moore died on January 25, 2018 in New Jersey at the age of 84. Gerald was predeceased by his son, Darryl Anthony Moore. He is survived by his devoted wife, Julia Frances Moore, his loving daughters: Sharon-Frances Moore and Meredith Adams Moore; and his beloved grandson, Ellis Stafford Moore-Smith.


                                                                     "So long, Grandfather."- Ducky (Ellis)